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Sequence with Follow Actions

Ableton Live and the Rozeta Sequencer Suite app have a feature where you can specify how cells/patterns are played. Including how many times cells repeat/no-repeat, randomization, and direction you can get some useful variation of how the cells are played back and this could be especially useful for polyrhythms and ambient styles of music. This would be a third mode of play in addition to the current Live and Song modes the app currently has. Being able to control this independently for each of the four tracks would be great so you could conceivably have options like a drum track in follow mode that you play along to with Bleass synths you play live via a MIDI controller.

Hi! Alexis here, Bleass developer.

We had a little chat sometime ago about a "random" mode, where cells (I assume what you are calling cells are the sequences on the main page, right?) are played in a random order. Could it be something you'd be interested in?

I understand that you want to have the play mode independent for each track with some parameters to tweak for each track ... So yes, we will think about it! It would add for sure a lot of new settings in the app, but why not.

Thank you for this interesting request!