Setting up BLEASS Arpeggiator MIDI routing in your DAW:

BLEASS Arpeggiator is an instrument plugin, and so should be added to an instrument or auxiliary track in your DAW. However, in Logic Pro, the plugin will be shown as a MIDI FX, and should be handled accordingly.
The plugin includes a simple FM synthesiser for standalone operation, but each instance of the plugin also creates its own MIDI source that can be used as the MIDI input for any synth track that you want BLEASS Arpeggiator to control. When setting this up, be sure to enable the synth track’s input monitoring so that it responds to the notes BLEASS Arpeggiator is sending.
When configured in this way you can either record the BLEASS Arpeggiator track, which will capture the chords and notes that are triggering the arpeggio, or you can record the actual arpeggiated notes that are being received by the synth track.

Note that BLEASS Arpeggiator is NOT compatible with Garageband (this DAW does not handle MIDI FX plugins)

These short tutorials show how you can use BLEASS Arpeggiator as a MIDI FX by routing the midi signal processed by BLEASS Arpeggiator into another Polyphonic Synthesizer.