I haven't received my licence!

Please check thoroughly your email spam folder, your licence sometimes ends up there!

if you still can’t find any email from support@bleass.net, try to resend your licence(s) to your email using the following form: https://www.bleass.com/my-licenses/

My product won't register, what can I do?

If you encounter any issue when registering your product, please check if

  • your internet connection is active
  • no firewall or antivirus blocks your DAW from connecting to the internet
  • copy paste your serial and email WITHOUT any blank space

How many computers can I register?

You can use your BLEASS plugin product licence on up to 5 different computers!

Where can I get the latest update?

To get the latest version of your BLEASS Plugin, go on the product’s shop page and look for the download links!

For example, the latest update for BLEASS Slow Machine is available from this page: https://www.bleass.com/product/bleass-slow-machine-desktop-plugin/

How can I uninstall my plugin?

To uninstall your plugin

on Windows, simply use the program manager (type “uninstall in the Windows Menu)

on Mac, remove the files from the following folders:



I can't find my BLEASS plugin in my DAW!

First, make sure that your DAW is VST3 compatible, some older DAWs do not support the VST3 format (ex: MPC Beats).

Secondly, always install your BLEASS plugin in the default folder prompted by the installer (please don’t use a custom folder for your plugin installation!).

For Windows, the VST3 format has a dedicated installation path all VST3 plug-ins must comply with. All your VST3 plug-ins should be installed here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

For macOS, the default folder is :

If you still can’t find your BLEASS Plugin, please make sure that your DAW correctly scans the VST3 Plugin folder, then close and restart your DAW.