I haven't received my licence!

Please check thoroughly your email spam folder, your licence sometimes ends up there!

if you still can’t find any email from license@bleass.com, try to resend your licence(s) to your email using the following form: https://www.bleass.com/my-licenses/

My product won't register, what can I do?

If you encounter any issue when registering your product, please check if

  • your internet connection is active
  • no firewall or antivirus blocks your DAW from connecting to the internet
  • copy paste your serial and email WITHOUT any blank space

How many computers can I register?

You can use your BLEASS plugin product licence on up to 5 different computers!

Where can I get the latest update?

To get the latest version of your BLEASS Plugin, simply go to the install page: https://www.bleass.com/install/

Then download the installer corresponding to the latest update available for your BLEASS Plugin.

How can I uninstall my plugin?

To uninstall your plugin

on Windows, simply use the program manager (type “uninstall” in the Windows Menu)

on Mac, remove the files from the following folders:



I can't find my BLEASS plugin in my DAW!

First, make sure that your DAW is VST3 compatible, some older DAWs do not support the VST3 format (ex: MPC Beats).

Secondly, always install your BLEASS plugin in the default folder prompted by the installer (please don’t use a custom folder for your plugin installation!).

For Windows, the VST3 format has a dedicated installation path all VST3 plug-ins must comply with. All your VST3 plug-ins should be installed here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

For macOS, the default folder is :

If you still can’t find your BLEASS Plugin, please make sure that your DAW correctly scans the VST3 Plugin folder, then close and restart your DAW.