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BLEASS groovebox

professional music production

BLEASS groovebox brings music production and performance to its very core: play, perform, compose beats, chords and melodies in a new yet intuitive way thanks to its multitrack sequencer, monophonic & polyphonic synthesizers and drum machines.

BLEASS has been designed for both iPhones and iPads and offers great performance and stability thanks to its powerful realtime audio engine and fully customizable parameters: go deep in the shaping of electronic sounds without being limited by factory presets.

Record, import and edit your own samples and make sick beats out of the 16 steps sequencer with customizable filters and grooves.
Customize endlessly your mono synths by tweaking the filters, envelopes and LFO !

BLEASS delay

Delay / Echo audio unit effect (AUv3)

BLEASS delay transforms your sounds into cinematic and experimental sonic experiences! It is constantly creating flux in the audio signal making your music even more lively.
BLEASS delay is also ideal for making track build-ups and transitions.

– Delay Line with Sync and Ping Pong Stereo options
– Frequency Shifter in the feedback stage for creating harmonic flux
– Two Filters (Low Pass / High Pass with resonance) for creating warm analog Echo effects
– Each stage has its own LFO with Stereo Phase to create even wider space movements.

BLEASS reverb

Reverb audio unit effect (AUv3)

BLEASS reverb is a unique sounding plugin effect bringing your music production and live performances towards new soundscapes!
The BLEASS reverb is composed of 3 different stages:

A first stage modifies the input source by correcting the gain and setting up early reflections pre-delay in order to re-create distant walls.

The second stage offers a unique-sounding reverb with size modulation and length controls, high frequency damping control, freeze toggle, X/Y panel for frequency shifter & wave shaper.

The third stage offers a duck effect made of a compressor side-chained on the dry input.

BLEASS sidekick

Kick + Sidechain Compression audio unit effect (AUv3)

BLEASS sidekick is the world’s first iOS AUv3 effect plugin that offers a kick drum synth and sequencer coupled with a sidechain compressor in order to bring unique and creative dynamics to your music!

All music producers alike will enjoy the instant pumping effect in the mix and the fully customizable kick drum sonic impact brought by the BLEASS sidekick Audio Unit plugin.

The sidechain compressor is triggered by the kick and has threshold, attack, release, ratio and makeup features.

BLEASS filter

Stereo Dynamic Filter audio unit effect (AUv3)

BLEASS filter is an essential tool for musicians: inspired by classic analog filters, it features an envelope follower as well as a LFO and a warm sound which create mind boggling filter sweep effects on any sound source: guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums …

Easy to control, the BLEASS filter is the goto app to use along with your favorite synths and get amazing sounding results when mixing or performing. Sculpt the graph curve and generate wah-wah effects or automate track buildups!


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We want to thank each and every partner that is accompanying BLEASS in its journey!

Plaines Image is the main european hub dedicated to creative industries. They have helped tremendously BLEASS in their journey and continue to do so!

Based in Lille, KARAFUN GROUP is the leading european specialist in instrumental music and is famous for its karaoke solutions, bringing joy through music. They are also key associates of the BLEASS company, bringing support and strategic insight.

L’Aéronef has been partnering with BLEASS since its beginning by organizing the very first iOS music concerts, but also organizes music producing workshops for all kinds of musicians.

Jean-Michel Jarre, renowned electronic music pioneer, has trusted BLEASS to power the audio engine and algorithm of his latest project: “EōN”, an infinite, ever-evolving musical creation, pushing further the boundaries of music.