BLEASS is an iOS music making app designed to unleash musical creativity.

BLEASS is about getting inspiration fast and compose new music thanks to its innovative user interfaces and real time audio engine, in complete synergy with all of your studio gear using MIDI and real time syncing.

Alll musicians alike will enjoy using BLEASS for its intuitiveness and musical potential. Record/Edit/Start/Stop/Copy/Paste your patterns as you feel like, apply reverb or delay effects, and let the music live !

BLEASS features a complete 16 steps Drum Machine where you can load or record your own samples : trim & edit your samples and make your own unique beats !

The integrated Mono Synth offers musicians every feature needed to perform unique sounds in real time : 2 oscillators, pitch and detune, glide and noise, hi and low pass filters with resonance, ADSR, a powerful LFO…

BLEASS aims at making composition and live performance feel completely uninhibited.

BLEASS is currently under development, and we are looking for Beta Testers ! Feel free to contact us if you want to try out our App !