All Alpha Preset Packs Bundle


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Get all additional Preset Packs designed for the BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer!

(531 presets)



RED SKY LULLABY (64 presets) : 5€ / $6
Red Sky Lullaby is a sound designer and musician based in upstate NY. As well as sound design for countless synths and music apps RSL runs a Youtube channel focusing on iPad and iPhone music production and produces music as Red Sky Lullaby and as part of The Veltron Transmissions.

YAWDEL (67 presets): 5€ / $6
Yawdel writes some epic Future Pop with a perfect mix of organic instruments and strong beats. He truly believes that music with an emotional force and message is more important than making the biggest drop. Check out his music released on Cloudkid! His presets pack delivers his personal approach on Future Bass and Trap music from massive Basses to unique warm and gritty synth sounds designed with the Alpha Synth.

HOOPS COLLECTION (54 presets) : 4€ /$5
HOOPS Collection #1 is a concentrate of carefully selected presets designed by the BLEASS Team: from celestial arpeggios to sharp-edged leads and whirling basses, get inspired by the sweet and plumpy sounds of our beloved analog synthesizer! These presets take full advantage of the versatile features of the Alpha Synth by demoing the MPE, Arpeggiator, LFO, FXs and Motion Sequencer functionalities!

LILY JORDY (64 presets): 5€ / $6
Classical pianist and multi-instrumentalist turned sound designer and engineer, Lily Jordy has been creating organic electronic music since 2010 as Lyli J. Mesmerized by the art of sample recording and transformation, she began her official sound design work with Arturia creating presets for hardware and software synths, expanding ever since.

THE GARAGEBAND GUIDE (57 presets): 4€ /$5
UK based Patrick Baird (founder of The GarageBand Guide) has put together an eclectic collection of sci-fi infused sounds that will wet the whistle of the more adventurous audio explorer. Get to grips with gritty leads, ethereal pads, chunky arps, glitchy FX and much more with this exclusive preset pack! All proceeds from this pack will be donated to help support the music community during the current Covid-19 crisis.

TORLEY (102 presets): 7€ / $8
TORLEY creates sonic science fiction with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. Torley’s ultra-expressive style can be YOURS with this jumbo Alpha expansion pack! Dive into charbroiled leads, erratically glitchy arps, psychologically unstable pads, and many more patches full of personality and playability.

SOUND OF IZRAEL (50 presets): 4€ /$5
Sound Of Izrael (Samuel Oren Izrael) is a Musician, Sound Designer and iOS Freak. In a small electronic laboratory located in the mountains of Haifa City near the Mediterranean Sea, Sam is exploring and producing the Sound Of Izrael. Discover uniquely crafted soft pads, harmonic arps and bright leads with this bundle!

MPE Preset Pack #1 (73 presets): 5€ / $6
From ethereal pads to soulful leads, arps and sequences, unlock the full expressiveness and versatility of the Alpha Synth with this fine selection of presets optimized for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) compatible controllers!

Installation Instructions

After installing the BLEASS Product, launch your DAW and load the BLEASS Plugin.
Then, in the registration window, enter your email address and copy / paste your serial number to activate your preset pack.
(Repeat this process for each product you want to activate)

Also available for iOS

Download BLEASS Alpha on the AppStore (presets packs are available as In-App purchases)