BLEASS Vocal Bundle

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Introducing the BLEASS Vocal Bundle – your gateway to a whole new dimension of vocal processing! 

This bundle includes BLEASS Voices, BLEASS Vox, BLEASS Dragonfly, BLEASS Phase Mutant, BLEASS Compressor and BLEASS Filter.

With BLEASS Voices, transcend traditional harmonies and craft mesmerizing new vocal arrangements. Harness the expressive nuances of MPE to infuse your vocals with unparalleled depth and emotion.

Experience the magic of BLEASS Vox as it breathes life into your vocals with rich vibrato and captivating Unison effects.

Elevate your sound with BLEASS Dragonfly, where the tremolo’s frequency modulation dances in perfect harmony with your music, driven by MIDI or SIDECHAIN input.

Enter uncharted sonic territories with BLEASS Phase Mutant‘s groundbreaking FM Distortion engine, igniting your creativity with its limitless possibilities.

Start your vocal journey right with BLEASS Compressor, sculpting your input signal for flawless integration with BLEASS Vocal effects.

And when precision is paramount, rely on BLEASS Filter to dynamically sculpt your sound, effortlessly removing unwanted frequencies with its responsive envelope follower.