Tutorial: sidechain compression made easy with the BLEASS sidekick

Tutorial: sidechain compression made easy with the BLEASS sidekick:

in this video, we show you how to use sidechain compression along a drum kick sequencer thanks to the BLEASS sidekick Audio Unit. Download BLEASS sidekick here: http://bit.ly/BLEASSapps

SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION MADE EASY with the BLEASS sidekick BLEASS sidekick is a KICK SEQUENCER coupled with a SIDECHAIN COMPRESSOR But , what is sidechain compression?

From Hip Hop to EDM, sidechaining compression is an essential tool for modern production: this is the process of using the output of one track to control the action of a compressor on a completely different track. Most of the time it is used to duck the BASS when the kick drum hits. Since both the kick drum and bass sounds have similar frequencies, things can get quite muddy… But if you use sidechaining, things get way more harmonious…

to use the BLEASS sidekick, load it as a musical effect in your favorite host customise your kick sound with the parameters GHOST MODE ALLOWS YOU TO MUTE THE KICK SOUND WHILE KEEPING THE SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION EFFECT lower the DUCKER treshold and adjust attack, release, ratio and makeup to optimize the PUMPING EFFECT

you can use the 16 steps sequencer but you can also trig the kick with external instruments! the MIDI IN button allows you to trig every note from a midi input but you also can trig the kick with a single note using midi control AU Parameters In the early ages of this production technique, you needed expensive gears and extensive knowledge, but these times have definitely changed! Now with the BLEASS sidekick, you get a huge kick and a pumping effect with a simple swipe

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