BLEASS Alpha 1.3 update: MPE + Preset packs

We are happy to share with you this brand new update of our beloved Alpha Synthesizer!

This new version of the Alpha Synth brings:

  • MPE compatibility: Pitch, Timbre and Pressure
  • Advanced Preset Management (export / import all presets / rename / categorize)
  • 220+ New Presets available : Presets by Torley, Sound of Izrael and MPE presets
  • More modulation destinations: Volume, Pan, OSC3 Level, Vibrato Amount
  • Various optimizations and improvements

Here are two amazing demo tracks made by Torley to give you a taste of these deep and chiseled expressive patches now available within the Alpha Synth’s Shop!

these new preset patches are available as In-App Purchases:
MPE Preset Pack #1 $2.99
Torley Preset Pack $3.99
Sound Of Izrael Preset Pack $1.99

Here’s also a demo video of the Alpha used with a MPE compatible device:


Finally, we’ve had the chance to listen to Doug Woods testing out these new presets: Awesome demo!