30 June 2021 TheBleassTeam

BLEASS Granulizer Tutorial | Input Busses

How to merge 4 instruments into a unique granular texture

Multi-bus routing is a really useful feature in modern DAWs and it opens the door to many creative ideas. One unavoidable use in the world of effect plugins is of course sidechain compression, which consists of compressing one track regarding the input level of another track. Beyond that popular use case (that we have implemented in our iOS AUv3 plugin BLEASS Compressor), we’ve been experimenting with other innovative ways of using multi-bus routing which led us to offer a 4-input feature in BLEASS Granulizer.

BLEASS Granulizer is an effect that fragments its input signal into a multitude of grains, each grain having its own randomized properties. It results in complex and irregular textures adding to the original sound a living and organic feeling. Thanks to multi-input, we offer the possibility to extract grains from up to 4 different sources, each grain being randomly extracted from one of the sources. This approach multiplies the complexity and richness of the resulting texture.

Since each DAW has a different way to handle multi-input, we’ve listed below how to configure it in some of them (Please refer to your DAWs documentation if it’s not listed):

Ableton Live:

  • Create 4 tracks
  • Load BLEASS Granulizer to one of the tracks
  • Route the other tracks to BLEASS Granulizer busses:
    For example: Audio To: ‘Instrument 1’, ‘Input 2- BLEASS Granulizer’
  • Open BLEASS Granulizer and activate Bus 1, 2, 3 & 4


FL Studio:

  • Load 4 instruments
  • Set a different target mixer track for each instrument
  • In the mixer: add BLEASS Granulizer to a slot of the first track
  • Select the second track
  • Right click the arrow at the bottom of the first track and click ‘Sidechain to this track only’
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps with track 3 & 4
  • Open BLEASS Granulizer window and go to settings
  • In ‘Processing’, ‘Connections’ click ‘Auto map inputs’
  • Go back to BLEASS Granulizer UI and activate Bus 1, 2, 3 & 4


Logic Pro:

Some DAWs like Logic Pro only support 1 sidechain track so you can use BLEASS Granulizer with 2 tracks at most.

  • Create 2 tracks
  • Load BLEASS Granulizer to one of the tracks
  • In the right top corner of the plugin you’ll find a ‘Side Chain’ menu. Select the second track
  • Activate Bus 1 & 2 in BLEASS Granulizer



Bitwig supports one external sidechain input. 

  • Create 2 tracks
  • Load BLEASS Granulizer to one of the tracks
  • Select the second track in the “sidechain” input menu
  • Activate Bus 1 & 2 in BLEASS Granulizer