17 September 2021 TheBleassTeam

What’s the difference between a Phaser and a Flanger effect?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a Phaser and a Flanger effect?

For both effects, the audio input is split into two duplicated signals:

In the Phaser, one of the the signals is processed through all-pass filters to introduce peaks and notches into an audio signal’s frequency spectrum.
Both signals then cancel each other out and the phase shift is controlled by an LFO, which produces this typical sweeping effect.

For the Flanger however, one of the signals is slightly delayed and then added back to the original signal.
When the delay time of the delayed signal changes (using again a LFO that speeds up and slow downs the signal cyclically), you get that typical “wet” sweeping effect.

By the way, the Flanger effect is very close to a Chorus effect: the only difference is that the Flanger has a delay time below 13 miliseconds whereas the Chorus effect generally has a delay time of 20 miliseconds and above.

So if you wanna know more, download the BLEASS Flanger, Phaser, or even Chorus to experience it for yourself!

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