16 September 2022 TheBleassTeam

BLEASS Sidekick Tutorial: Multi Output (Audio) & MIDI Input

extended features of BLEASS Sidekick

BLEASS Sidekick has just been released for Desktop (VST3 / AU / AAX) and updated for iOS, time to learn a few tricks to expand your BLEASS Sidekick experience!

The following short tutorials show you 2 useful features of BLEASS Sidekick, depending on the DAW you are using:

  1. learn how to route the Kick audio in a separate channel for further audio processing & mixing
  2. learn how to trig the Kick with MIDI Input (instead of the built-in sequencer)

Choose the relevant tutorial wether you are a desktop user (Ableton / Bitwig / FL Studio / Pro Tools) or iOS user (AUM)

Ableton Live:


Bitwig Studio:


FL Studio:


Pro Tools:


AUM (iOS):