10 January 2023 TheBleassTeam

Flanger Tips & Tricks

There are many creative ways to use a Flanger effect in music production: 

TIP N°1: Experiment with the rate and depth settings to find the right balance for your track.

TIP N°2: Use the feedback control to add more intensity to the flange effect.

TIP N°3: Try using the flanger in conjunction with other effects, such as reverb or delay, to create unique textures.

TIP N°4: Automate the flanger’s parameters to create movement and interest in your track.

TIP N°5: Use a stereo flanger to add width to your mix.

TIP N°6: Try using a flanger on individual tracks or on a stereo bus to add depth to your mix.

TIP N°7: Experiment with the LFO waveform, such as using a random waveform to create a more unpredictable flange effect.

TIP N°8: Use a flanger to add motion to a static pad sound.

TIP N°9: Use a flanger to create a “jet plane” or “whooshing” effect.

TIP N°10: Experiment with the dry/wet mix to find the right balance between the original sound and the flanged sound.

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BONUS: 3 Useful Flanging Tips using BLEASS Flanger:

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