BLEASS Fusion – Tutorial

Let’s explore BLEASS Fusion, the new audio effect plugin by BLEASS.

BLEASS Fusion uses wavetables in order to shape and modify sound. The wavetable you choose defines the way the signal is going to be distorted.

By adjusting the position of the wavetable, you can explore various ways to transform the signal and create captivating audio effects.

The fold option allows you to transform the shape of the wavetable in different ways:

You can greatly impact your sound, depending on the wavetable, from adding soft saturation to giving a very harsh characteristic to it.

Sometimes, with an extreme filtering and a loud saturation, volume swells up quite a lot, or might have hard peaks.
So we advise to put a limiter after BLEASS Fusion, in case that is something you don’t want.

If a constant signal is created, by using asymmetrical fold for exemple, you can get rid of it by activating the DCBlocker.

Bleass Fusion also gives you the possibility to filter the signal with 2 independent filters.
Each filter can be placed before, or after, the wavetable saturation:

2 lfos, an envelope follower and a sequencer let you add control and automation to your sound

BLEASS Fusion is now available on PC, mac and iOS.