Unique Pitch Shifting Reverb emphasizing harmonics and adding a smooth and pleasing reverb trail to any sound! Clean and flexible UI, AUv3 compatible, Pro quality Shimmer
While giving users an innovative and clear interface to enhance musical creativity as well as live performance usability, the BLEASS Shimmer brings highly versatile sonic possibilities thanks to its countless combinations of parameters.
From angelic sheens, ambient washes to otherworldly chimes, let BLEASS Shimmer make your guitars, strings, pads, vocals, drums shine!
BLEASS Shimmer comprises 6 customizable stages which reveal themselves via 30+ presets.

the Input Stage allows two filter types : Low-Shelf and High-Pass

Control the input Gain as well as the Reverb Pre-Delay

Pitch Shifter Stages: 

Two different pitch shifters offer each 3 pitch-shifting modes: PRE / POST / FEEDBACK

Each Pitch shifter can be tuned with Pitch And Fine controls and offer Delay Time & Amount as well

The Reverb Stage offers:

  • Room size control
  • Color Parameter (the reverb’s high frequencies)
  • the Room Size modulation (amount & rate)
  • Length control (200ms to 30s)

The Ducker Stage compresses the output signal using the dry signal as sidechain input to bring more clarity.

Set the threshold, attack & release and visualize the ducking effect with the visual input sidechain meter


Also Available for iOS