Altar – Preset Pack by Imer6ia


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Imer6ia excels in electronic music while also pursuing a career as a digital artist. Her music, deeply rooted in Wave music, combines Trap, Trance, and EBM, blending Reese Bass and weathered vocals for a dreamy yet nostalgic sound. Notable releases include Crystal Orca (Greece), Wavevision (France), and (USA). Her latest album, Translucid, was created with musician Canblaster on the French label LaVibe. (64 presets)

Installation Instructions

After installing the BLEASS Product, launch your DAW and load the BLEASS Plugin.
Then, in the registration window, enter your email address and copy / paste your serial number to activate your presets pack.
(Repeat this process for each product you want to activate)

Also available for iOS

Download BLEASS SampleWiz 2 on the AppStore (presets packs are available as In-App purchases)

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