Torley – Omega Presets Pack


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Do you like expressive sounds? The TORLEY pack’s for you! Chock-full of wild playability, this enriching collection is focused on MPE-empowered elements like unstable IDM/hyperpop keys, wild motion sequences, and dynamic pads at the intersection of new age and synthwave. BLEASS Omega’s lesser-known capabilities are on full display, so make sure to wiggle that mod wheel and aftertouch for maximum effects!

(64 Presets)

Listen to Torley’s Omega Preset Pack Demo tracks: 

Installation Instructions

After installing the BLEASS Product, launch your DAW and load the BLEASS Plugin.
Then, in the registration window, enter your email address and copy / paste your serial number to activate your preset pack.
(Repeat this process for each product you want to activate)