BLEASS sidekick AUv3 is the first iOS AUv3 effect plugin that offers a kick drum synth and sequencer coupled with a sidechain compressor in order to bring unique and creative dynamics to your music!
All music producers (techno / dubstep / ambient / house / hiphop…) alike will enjoy the instant pumping effect in the mix and the fully customizable kick drum sonic impact brought by the BLEASS sidekick Audio Unit plugin.

Inspired by the classic 808 analog sound as well as many other legendary drum machines, the drumsynth features extensive and precise parameters to get punchy / boomy / drum kick sounds:

– kick tuning, decay and volume
– sinus to triangle waveforms
– fine-tuned hardness, body and impact adjustments
– punch envelope with power and decay
– ghost mode (to simulate the sidechain compressor without the sound of the kick)
– trigger mode AU parameter
– trigger mode with external MIDI IN
– multi-bus output audio routing to route the kick’s audio in a separate channel (AUM)

________Sidechain Compressor / Ducker
– compression triggered by the kick
– threshold, ratio and makeup sliders
– attack and release for precise compression envelope

________Step Sequencer :
– up to 16 steps sequencer
– ternary and binary steps resolution from 8 to 32th.
– adjustable groove (swing)

________Audio Unit :
– All settings accessible via Audio Unit parameters
– Universal compatibility with iOS 10 or higher
– resource-efficient and low CPU usage

By using the treshold and ghost mode parameter, you also can use the BLEASS sidekick either only as a kick drum generator or only as a sidechain compressor.
BLEASS sidekick also includes a standalone version that can be used along an external audio or midi input.