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BLEASS Megalit update

This update delivers performance improvements to BLEASS Megalit, along with a smoother visual experience within Logic Pro for iPad.

In addition to these enhancements, we’re thrilled to introduce four exciting new preset packs. First, enjoy a complimentary preset pack by the renowned Conrad Keely, lead singer of the iconic American rock band …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Dive into an essential preset pack expertly crafted by Doug from the Sound Test Room, offering a must-have collection of sounds. Finally, the BLEASS Team has crafted two new packs with a deep use of MPE: ‘Instant Sounds‘ boasting a wide range of captivating sonorities, and ‘VNR,’ featuring an extraordinary collection of intense, loud, and aggressively innovative sounds that push the Megalit engine to its limits! (listen to the VNR demo here)

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About Conrad Keely: 

Conrad Keely (co-founder of the Austin, Texas–based band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead) is much more than a musician. Keely is also known for his artistic talents, including creating album artwork and pursuing visual arts in addition to his music career. As a prime example, the captivating visual accompanying this new free preset pack is a testament to his skill, having been created through one of his own paintings.

Conrad designed a free preset pack available in the latest update for BLEASS Megalit and here’s what he has to say about it:

Although I’ve been a professional musician for nearly thirty years now (and boy did those years go by quickly!), the revolution of the iPad as a production tool came later on in my music career. iOS apps have completely changed the way I have worked and created. For me, being able to compose while on the road and traveling has always been an essential part of my musical creative process. BLEASS began playing a role in that process as soon as they released their very first plugin, and continue to inspire me with each new release. It thus gives me great pleasure to contribute to their growing library of presets.

I started making the presets in this collection while my band Trail of Dead were on tour in Europe last October (2022), right about the time Megalit was first released. For that reason, my early preset experiments have the inspiration of travel and touring behind them (and names to match). The rest I made in the heat of the bright Texas summer. My swelling pads and evolving sounds are meant to evoke arid landscapes, scorching sun and the occasional respite of a swimming oasis.

Because I am a lover of early classical music, I have also found inspiration in the sonic textures of the viol da gamba as well as composers from as early as Palestrina to as modern as Arvo Part. I hope you enjoy creating with these as much as I enjoyed making them!


Conrad Keely Links:

BLEASS Fusion – Tutorial

Let’s explore BLEASS Fusion, the new audio effect plugin by BLEASS.

BLEASS Fusion uses wavetables in order to shape and modify sound. The wavetable you choose defines the way the signal is going to be distorted.

By adjusting the position of the wavetable, you can explore various ways to transform the signal and create captivating audio effects.

The fold option allows you to transform the shape of the wavetable in different ways:

You can greatly impact your sound, depending on the wavetable, from adding soft saturation to giving a very harsh characteristic to it.

Sometimes, with an extreme filtering and a loud saturation, volume swells up quite a lot, or might have hard peaks.
So we advise to put a limiter after BLEASS Fusion, in case that is something you don’t want.

If a constant signal is created, by using asymmetrical fold for exemple, you can get rid of it by activating the DCBlocker.

Bleass Fusion also gives you the possibility to filter the signal with 2 independent filters.
Each filter can be placed before, or after, the wavetable saturation:

2 lfos, an envelope follower and a sequencer let you add control and automation to your sound

BLEASS Fusion is now available on PC, mac and iOS.



Unleash The Ultimate Vocal Harmonizer!

BLEASS Voices is a flexible and powerful audio plugin dedicated to pitching, transforming, doubling and harmonizing vocals and other monophonic sources. With a total of 12 pitch shifted voices, each providing detailed control over pitch, formant, tone, width and placement, BLEASS Voices will redefine your vocal creativity and unleash your inner choir!

BLEASS Voices is now available at an intro price until June 25

iOS: $14,99 instead of $19,99

Desktop: $49 instead of $69


New Preset Pack by Very Sick Beats for BLEASS SampleWiz 2

 @Verysickbeats  is a Youtube Channel run by JFilt.  All sounds are dedicated to the soulful hiphop heads who are not afraid to experiment and includes 64 very sick presets.  These samples curated from live instruments, hardware drum machines, and human voices will take your music production to another level.

Download BLEASS SampleWiz 2 (Desktop & iOS):

Download the Very Sick Beats preset pack:


Watch the Sound Test Room demo this brand new preset pack:


Short preset demo: