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BLEASS Filter, now available for Desktop, only $10

BLEASS Filter is an essential mixing tool that also offers creative ways of shaping your sound.
Featuring an envelope follower, stereo phase control, a LFO & modulation visualisation, BLEASS Filter is now also available for Windows & macOS!

Now available at an intro price: (Desktop: $15 / $10  –  iOS: $4,99 / $3,99)

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BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer updated to 1.1

We are happy to continuously improve the BLEASS experience and have just released a new update for BLEASS Alpha (Desktop & iOS)
This new update contains improvements and bug fixes, as well as an inspiring new presets pack made by Doug Woods from the Sound Test Room.
You can have a taste of these new patches thanks to two new demo tracks solely using some of these patches:

You can get this new presets pack here: (available as in-app purchase for the iOS version)

For the Desktop version, the new Undo / Redo feature has been added!

SampleWiz 2 update is out!

We are very happy to bring you this brand new version of SampleWiz 2!

SampleWiz 2 v 1.2  offers some new improvements and new presets packs:

– audio bluetooth compatibility
– improved reverb effect
– improved preset management (search bar & favorites)
– sustain pedal support
– new preset packs by Sound of Izrael, Limited Audio Samples, Mika Tyyskä, The Sound Test Room & Jordan Rudess!

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 – OUT NOW!

We are very happy to release BLEASS SampleWiz 2, a brand new Synthesizer for iOS, together with Jordan Rudess!

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 is iPhone & iPad compatible, and is now available on the AppStore at an intro price ($9,99 instead of $19,99 until January 5, 2022).
BLEASS SampleWiz 2 will also be available for Desktop later in 2022!

More information on

Watch the intro video by Jordan Rudess, soloing with BLEASS SampleWiz 2 on a track produced by Théa & Lou Howard:

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer – Now available for Windows & Mac

We are very happy to bring BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer, a great-sounding & easy to use polyphonic subtractive synth, to Desktop!

Blending the best of classic analogue synthesis with BLEASS’ distinctive modern approach, Alpha Synthesizer’s superb versatility delivers a near-infinite constellation of inspiring sounds.

more information about the Alpha

BLEASS Dragonfly will be out on October 20!

Available from October 20
Intro price: over 45% off (till November 1st.)
Windows & Mac: 15€ / $19, iOS: 5,49€ / $4,99
(Normal price: Windows & Mac: 29€ / 35$ , iOS: 9,99€ / $8,99)

BLEASS Dragonfly is a completely new approach to tremolo effect which brings new sonic possibilities to all music producers. Make your synths, voices or any melody “vibrate” in correspondence with its own frequencies, or with external basses and leads!
Just like in Billie Eilish’s song “Xanny”, Dragonfly helps you achieve the same effect as when the voice gets modulated by a heavy bass.

BLEASS Dragonfly automatically syncs the tremolo effect applied on a track using various triggers: First, you can use the pitch tracking module on either the input audio track (“self mode”) or a sidechained audio track (“sidechain mode”). You also can use the midi input to trigger Dragonfly with accuracy: the tremolo will automatically sync with the notes’ frequencies. Finally, a manual mode allows you to set a fixed frequency. Then you can finetune your settings by adjusting the fine, factor, smoothness, stereo, attack & release. The “Wild” mode applies a waveshaper to the signal to produce a subtle saturation. The final tremolo effect rate is mirrored by the flapping wings of the Dragonfly.

Demo Track:

BLEASS Motion FX – Now Available!

After its original release on iOS, BLEASS Motion FX is now finally available and optimized for Windows & Mac (including M1)!

BLEASS Motion FX contains 11 different effects which you can modulate precisely thanks to an intuitive and comprehensive sequencer:

  • High Pass Filter
  • Band Pass Filter
  • Volume
  • Pan
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Frequency Shifter
  • Ring Modulator
  • Warmth
  • Bit Crusher
  • Delay

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