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BLEASS Chorus AUv3 Plugin – Stereo Image Widener Effect

From subtle classic chorus effects to crazy textures, BLEASS Chorus brings stunning stereo modulations to any sound and allows a wide creative freedom for sound design.
for iOS (iPhone / iPad compatible)


BLEASS Chorus is a two-stage chorus effect that offers a full control of the stereo image as well as a large range of effects, from subtle stereo wideners to crazy texture generators which you can visualize thanks to a dedicated oscilloscope with a very low CPU usage.

Have full control of the stereo image as well as all effect parameters in a one-screen, clean and responsive interface that goes beyond traditional chorusing, giving more creative freedom to sound designers and music producers.
Inspired by classic chorus pedals and rack effect units, ideal for thickening synth and guitar lines, BLEASS Chorus comes packed with a wide range of presets and is available as an audio unit as well as standalone.

INPUT stage:
– Low-shelf/High-pass input filter
– Input Gain

CHORUS stage:
– DELAY LINES: sets the stereo delay lines count
– TIME: sets the average delay time
– RATE: sets the speed of the LFO
– LEFT DEPTH: sets the LFO’s amplitude for delay lines’ left channel
– RIGHT DEPTH: sets the LFO’s amplitude for delay lines’ right channel
– EQUAL DEPTHS: when toggled on, left and right channels share the same depth
– OFFSET: sets the offset between the delay lines’ LFOs
– WIDTH: sets the offset between left and right channels for each delay line
– FEEDBACK: sets the amount of feedback for each delay
– OSCILLOSCOPE: displays a representation of delay lines’ LFOs (tapping the oscilloscope pauses it)

OUTPUT stage:
– Dry/Wet mix

New Reverb App: BLEASS Shimmer

BLEASS Shimmer is an AUv3 compatible studio quality Shimmer Reverb Effect that brings stunning harmonic tails to any sound or instrument with very low CPU usage.

While giving users an innovative and clear interface to enhance musical creativity as well as live performance usability, the BLEASS Shimmer brings highly versatile sonic possibilities thanks to its countless combinations of parameters.

From angelic sheens, ambient washes to otherworldly chimes, let BLEASS Shimmer make your guitars, strings, pads, vocals, drums shine!

BLEASS Shimmer comprises 6 customizable stages which reveal themselves via 30+ presets.

These stages include


• Touch control filter with two filter types: Low-Shelf and High-Pass

• Input gain

• Reverb pre-delay


– Two different pitch shifters each offer 3 pitch-shifting modes:

• PRE (signal is pitch shifted and sent directly into the reverb stage)

• POST (reverberated signal is pitch-shifted)

• FEEDBACK (reverberated signal is pitch-shifted and fed back again into the reverb stage)

– Each Pitch Shifter can be tuned with

• Pitch control [-24st; +24st]

• Fine control [-0,5st; +0,5st]

• Delay Time control

• Amount slider


• Room size control

• Color parameter (control the reverb’s high frequencies)

• Reverb Room Size modulation (amount and rate)

• Length control (200ms – 30s)


• The ducker compresses the output signal using the dry signal as sidechain to bring more clarity

• Compressor parameters: Threshold, Attack and Release.

• Visual Input Sidechain Meter


• Dry/Wet Mix

BLEASS Alpha 1.3 update: MPE + Preset packs

We are happy to share with you this brand new update of our beloved Alpha Synthesizer!

This new version of the Alpha Synth brings:

  • MPE compatibility: Pitch, Timbre and Pressure
  • Advanced Preset Management (export / import all presets / rename / categorize)
  • 220+ New Presets available : Presets by Torley, Sound of Izrael and MPE presets
  • More modulation destinations: Volume, Pan, OSC3 Level, Vibrato Amount
  • Various optimizations and improvements

Here are two amazing demo tracks made by Torley to give you a taste of these deep and chiseled expressive patches now available within the Alpha Synth’s Shop!

these new preset patches are available as In-App Purchases:
MPE Preset Pack #1 $2.99
Torley Preset Pack $3.99
Sound Of Izrael Preset Pack $1.99

Here’s also a demo video of the Alpha used with a MPE compatible device:


Finally, we’ve had the chance to listen to Doug Woods testing out these new presets: Awesome demo!

BLEASS Delay update 1.4

Apr 30, 2020 Version 1.4

– Updated User Interface
– Edit preset : rename your preset
– Smoother Dry/Wet
– Smoother delay time change : changing between sync and time, and changing tempo doesn’t create artefacts in the sound anymore
– Ping Pong stereo control now available!

BLEASS Groovebox update 1.7

BLEASS groovebox has been updated to version 1.7!

You now can pitch your Drum Samples up and down. The update also includes a new sample pack : “acoustic drums”

BLEASS Groovebox is a unique music production instrument for iOS Download it now for free :



BLEASS groovebox: 50% off for a week!

You can always download the BLEASS groovebox for free on the AppStore
but now the pro features can be unlocked for half the price for a limited time! 📲

The BLEASS groovebox pro features include notably an access to all samples packs (over 1000 samples), MIDI in/out, sync OUT (for hardware devices) and CC., MIX and FX Panels, external (soundcard) and virtual audio routing! 🎹🥁

happy music making!

BLEASS Alpha Synth v1.1 out now!

Thank you all for the warm welcome you gave to the BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer release!
We are happy to bring you this update with some more new features that some of you have asked for:

– Bluetooth Audio
– Midi over Bluetooth
– Vibrato parameters : speed & amount
– Master Detune parameter
– Double-tap to reset parameters for knobs and sliders
– New presets by Jordan Rudess!


Download the BLEASS Alpha Synth here:

Follow BLEASS for more tips and tutorials!

BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer, Now Available!

The BLEASS Alpha Synth is a virtual analog polyphonic stereo synthesizer inspired by classic analog synths and enhanced by the BLEASS’ very own musical and technical approach.

The Alpha is a highly versatile Synthesizer that aims at bringing new ways of designing and playing an infinite constellation of sounds in the iOS music making universe.

Get it now on the AppStore! (Universal / AUv3):