Analog + FM Synths Bundle




GET BLEASS Alpha Analog Synthesizer + BLEASS Omega FM Synthesizer, including all presets packs extensions in this Analog + FM Synthesis bundle!

Analog + FM Synth Bundle: Alpha & Omega!

Unleash your creativity with our exclusive bundle featuring BLEASS Alpha, the analog synth, and BLEASS Omega, the FM Synth. Two powerful instruments at a discounted price, including 900 additional presets

🔊 BLEASS Alpha: Versatile Analog Synth 🔊

  • Intuitive interface for easy sound design.
  • Motion sequencer for rhythmic modulation.
  • Includes 531 additional presets.

🎹 BLEASS Omega: User-Friendly FM Synth 🎹

  • Streamlined editing with simultaneous operators.
  • Over 200 professionally designed presets.
  • Analog-style waveshaper for added character.
  • Includes 370 additional presets.

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