BASSES – BLEASS Monolit Preset Pack


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64 presets for BLEASS Monolit engineered to provide a rich tapestry of low-end tones, from the deep growls of analog synths to the crisp punch of modern digital basses. Whether you’re crafting thumping EDM tracks, groovy funk hits, or soulful R&B grooves, these presets offer the perfect foundation.


Listen to this demo using some of the presets of the “BASSES” Preset Pack :

Installation Instructions

After installing the BLEASS Product, launch your DAW and load the BLEASS Plugin.
Then, in the registration window, enter your email address and copy / paste your serial number to activate your preset pack.
(Repeat this process for each product you want to activate)

Also available for iOS

Download BLEASS Monolit on the AppStore (presets packs are available as In-App purchases)

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