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Jean-Michel Jarre releases “EōN”, an infinite Music App powered by BLEASS and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (SONY CSL)

Jean-Michel Jarre unveils “EōN”,
an infinite Music App powered by BLEASS
and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (SONY CSL)


Acclaimed electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre has launched his latest project, EōN: a dynamic music app which produces infinite, ever-evolving music, accompanied by a constant progression of organic visuals. Using original musical elements composed by Jarre specifically for the project, the app creates a never-repeating and completely unique musical experience for every user, every time.

With its global premiere at Web Summit in Lisbon, EōN — named after the ancient Greek god of time and eternity — is a work of art designed to be played endlessly. A world-first due to its sheer scope and scale, the app combines man and machine as the algorithm weaves together original material — beats, melodies, chords — which Jarre composed, performed and recorded in his studio. A stark difference to other generative-music apps, which are often limited to a linear, ‘ambient-music’ style, EōN is like a never-ending album with a rich variety of tempo, tones, and rhythms.

Upon completing his compositions for the app, Jarre approached SONY CSL’s researcher, Alexis André, to bring the music to life visually by creating an intricate and elaborate flow of ever-evolving graphics. The encoding and final algorithm was delivered by Alexis Zbik and Vianney Apreleff from French music tech company BLEASS who, with Jarre’s artistic direction, defined the rules of the app and how it orchestrates the music.

Delivering an unrivalled experience through endless hours of original music, EōN produces an individual piece of art for every user. Users will be able to listen to music generated by EōN both online and offline as the algorithm and audio engine are built directly into the app.

Jarre is at the forefront of artists using new technology for music, most recently in partnership with TheWaveVR, allowing users to experience his latest album, Equinoxe Infinity, in virtual reality. With technology at the core of everything we do today, Jarre believes that “this is the most exciting time in history to make music”. His ongoing collaboration with SONY CSL is proving to be immensely productive and insightful, and will inform Jarre’s next creative endeavour.

Commenting on the app, Jarre said “I named this project EōN as it best defines exactly what it is – an infinite musical and visual creation. Personally, I truly feel that EōN is one of my most exciting creative projects since my debut Oxygene. EōN is a never-ending, never repetitive, organic art-piece that will live and grow forever in everyone’s own singular space-time continuum, at the tip of their finger.

When describing EōN and the collaborative experience, SONY CSL’s Alexis André said: “An audio-visual journey that transcends time… I could not think of a better challenge, and it’s been a priceless experience to bring the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre to the screen.

EōN revolutionises the sheer concept of “recorded” music as we have always known it by immersing the listener in a timeless sonic (and visual) experience which has no start nor finishing note,” added BLEASS co-founder Vianney Apreleff. “It’s an immense honour for BLEASS and myself to be part of this new artform envisioned by Jean-Michel Jarre.” 

Priced at $8.99 / €9.99 / £8.99, the app will be updated regularly with new features and will also be available to other platforms, including Android, in the near future.

EōN Details

Release date: 7 November 2019

Price: $8.99 / €9.99 / £8.99

Available via the App Store:ōn-by-jean-michel-jarre/id1477959945 

About Jean-Michel Jarre

Composer, performer, producer. Visionary, innovator, cultural ambassador. Any list of Jean-Michel Jarre’s countless facets would inevitably come short of his actual significance in music history. “JMJ” is a living legend and often referred to as the “Godfather of Electronic Music”. When Jarre launched his landmark debut album “Oxygene” in 1976, he opened a new chapter in music history. Today, he has sold more than 80 million albums and his pioneering work gave birth to a veritable cult and the fastest-growing trend the music industry has ever stood to witness: the rise of electronic music.

Jarre’s unparalleled creative output is perpetually linked to his innovative exploration of new technological trends. From the first modular and polyphonic synth and drum-machines to digital keyboards, plug-ins and apps, JMJ is always at the forefront to use them. He was the first to popularise the laser harp, he transformed the Houston skyline into a projection surface for the first-ever large-scale laser-mapping performance at a gigantic outdoor concert in ´86  and set up a live video connection to the MIR astronauts in space during his epic Moscow concert in 1997, witnessed by a record-breaking 3.5 million spectators. His millennium concert in Egypt was the first concert ever to be streamed live on the internet.

In 2019 Jarre released his all-encompassing Best of Album “Planet Jarre — 50 Years of Music” as well as his new studio album “Equinoxe Infinity”, a concept album around the influence of Artificial Intelligence on human mankind and the use of technology in our day to day life.

BLEASS groovebox 1.5.0 demo on iOS 13 [trap/down tempo/trip hop/abstract track]

BLEASS groovebox 1.5.0 demo on iOS 13 [trap/down tempo/trip hop/abstract track]


In this video we showcase some of the features of the latest BLEASS groovebox music making machine (1.5.0 as of September 19, 2019) running on an iPad (6) with iOS 13.1 beta. It shows how to use ternary time signatures as well as Inter-App Audio (and it works quite nicely on iOS 13 indeed 😉

DOWNLOAD THE BLEASS groovebox for free here: The apps used in this video are BLEASS groovebox running in AUM with seperate audio tracks outputs (4 tracks + 2 stereo FX sends) going through AUM (Inter-App Audio) and a few AUv3 such as the BLEASS reverb and BLEASS sidekick. The SYNTH is doubled with the great ZEEON synth app

The BLEASS groovebox latest update offers the following features:

– binary and ternary quantization and time signature
– metronome click
– double tap to stop a playing sequence
– scales for all of your instruments for faster music composing
– new “TRAP” sample pack now available for pro users!
– iOS 13 compatibility
– improved UI (thinner lines & fonts)

DOWNLOAD THE BLEASS groovebox for free here: Feel free to ask for new features! We are constantly improving the BLEASS experience. Also, more tutorials and news are available on!

Tutorial: sidechain compression made easy with the BLEASS sidekick

Tutorial: sidechain compression made easy with the BLEASS sidekick:

in this video, we show you how to use sidechain compression along a drum kick sequencer thanks to the BLEASS sidekick Audio Unit. Download BLEASS sidekick here:

SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION MADE EASY with the BLEASS sidekick BLEASS sidekick is a KICK SEQUENCER coupled with a SIDECHAIN COMPRESSOR But , what is sidechain compression?

From Hip Hop to EDM, sidechaining compression is an essential tool for modern production: this is the process of using the output of one track to control the action of a compressor on a completely different track. Most of the time it is used to duck the BASS when the kick drum hits. Since both the kick drum and bass sounds have similar frequencies, things can get quite muddy… But if you use sidechaining, things get way more harmonious…

to use the BLEASS sidekick, load it as a musical effect in your favorite host customise your kick sound with the parameters GHOST MODE ALLOWS YOU TO MUTE THE KICK SOUND WHILE KEEPING THE SIDECHAIN COMPRESSION EFFECT lower the DUCKER treshold and adjust attack, release, ratio and makeup to optimize the PUMPING EFFECT

you can use the 16 steps sequencer but you can also trig the kick with external instruments! the MIDI IN button allows you to trig every note from a midi input but you also can trig the kick with a single note using midi control AU Parameters In the early ages of this production technique, you needed expensive gears and extensive knowledge, but these times have definitely changed! Now with the BLEASS sidekick, you get a huge kick and a pumping effect with a simple swipe

BLEASS filter AUv3 audio plugin NOW AVAILABLE

BLEASS filter AUv3 audio plugin NOW AVAILABLE

Download now: BLEASS filter is an essential tool for musicians: inspired by classic analog filters, it features an envelope follower as well as a LFO and a warm sound which create mind boggling filter sweep effects on any sound source: guitars, vocals, keyboards, drums … Easy to control, the BLEASS filter is the goto app to use along with your favorite synths and get amazing sounding results when mixing or performing. Sculpt the graph curve and generate wah-wah effects or automate track buildups! High-quality, resource-efficient and low in CPU usage, BLEASS filter is compatible with AUv3 hosts apps such as GarageBand, Cubasis, AUM or Audiobus.


________Input Stage – Input gain, from simple audio boost to drive – Envelope follower based on the input signal amplitude : amount, attack and release control: use the amplitude of your audio signal to directly control the opening and closing filter for living auto-wah effects on any material. – Perfect tuning of the envelope triggering with sensibility control

________Filter Stage : – Visual control of the filter, with frequency and resonance controls – Four different filter types : low pass, high pass, band pass and notch – Double filter mode – Soft clipping audio design for a perfect analog filter emulation

________LFO Stage : – Six different waveforms : sinus, triangle, saw, inverted saw, square and random – Amount control – Visual feedback – Stereo phase control for a true stereo experience – Free or synced rate control


All these features are shown within the factory presets, and you can save your own presets which will automatically carry over across different host apps. All variables are exposed as AU Parameters in hosts which support automation.


BLEASS filter can also be used as a standalone app using headphones and mic or an external sound card. Check out for video tutorials and demos. *** NOTE : this is an Audio Unit Effect Plugin (AUv3) which ideally requires a compatible host (such as AUM or Audiobus) or DAW (such as GarageBand or Cubasis) ***

How to trig BLEASS sidekick (with external midi control)

Learn how to trig the BLEASS sidekick sidechain compressor and kick generator with an external hardware (it works with Apps as well!) : Indeed, you can use another midi source to trigger the KICK along its sidechain compression without using the BLEASS sidekick sequencer, opening to endless possibilities! If you have any question, please leave a comment! Apps used in this video are AUM by Kymatica BLEASS reverb / delay / sidekick POISON-202 by JIM AUDIO ZEEON synth by BEEPSTREET more info on GET THE BLEASS APPS HERE :

BLEASS sidekick effect plugin now available!



Here’s a short introduction video to present the brand new and world’s first kick generator coupled with a sidechain compressor get the BLEASS sidekick here : and download all of BLEASS apps here :